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Fixing Cars to Fixing Lives
Ministering Through Car Care

See sample video and article about this series thanks to Common Steps.

The practical guide to developing a car care ministry in your local church or community!

Fixing Cars to Fixing Lives – Ministering Through Car Care is designed to show churches how to meet practical car care needs of single parents, or anyone else in need, to better enable them to manage their limited resources.
This book and the accompanying video is the third in a series of step-by-step materials developed to show churches how to meet the practical needs of single parents or anyone else in need.  The first package, More Thank Baby-Sitting – Ministering Through Child Care, shows churches how to develop simple-to-formal child care programs.  The second package, Reaching the Heart of the Home – Ministering Through Housing, shows churches how to offer work days to help with housing repairs and maintenance and how to develop independent living or group home transitional ministries.
 With this system you will learn how to 
  • Assess needs correctly
  • Provide car care classes that teach the basics of car purchasing or car maintenance
  • Set up a quarterly car care event on church property that provides oil changes and safety checks
  • Set up a monthly car care event in a local repair shop that provides limited repairs in addition to maintenance
  • Set up a care giveaway program that provides cars for qualified recipients.  
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